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"God vs. The Rest of Us"
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"LUNCH WITH DR. FRANKENSTEIN" is the latest novel from the mind of Richard R. Smith.

It is the first chapter in his new Science Fiction Trilogy.

Richard R. Smith is expanding his creative vision in this fascinating look at the origins of humanity. In discussing his new artistic direction, Mr. Smith commented, “I’m fascinated by the literary scope that science fiction writing offers. It is the perfect venue to explore the interweaving threads of science, earth history, mythology, spirituality, and religion. These elements converge more than we can imagine and life itself becomes a profound mystery. Perhaps the greatest mystery of all is that deep subjective reality inside us that we’ve forgotten long ago.”

The new three-book series sweeps the reader into an alternate version of earth history. Everyone looks to the heavens, waiting for E.T.’s arrival. What if they’re already here? What if they never left?

Archeologists have piled up volumes of physical anomalies around the world. These unexplained relics have a story to tell. Are we willing to listen? Do we imagine a universe of billions of stars with no other life forms? Did humankind receive help from extraterrestrials? Is our solar system as stable as we’ve come to believe, or have we simply been lucky for the past ten thousand years?

Are we approaching a time when humanity is beginning to develop the cognitive skills necessary to unravel these mysteries, or will we leave that legacy to the intelligent machines we are now creating?”

Join Doug Keller, the main character, as he drives himself to the brink of insanity as an alien race alters his world beyond the scope of imagination.

Richard Smith’s first book in the trilogy is titled “Lunch With Dr. Frankenstein” and will be available in early summer of 2013. He hopes to make episode two “Hyperion Rising” available by Halloween 2013.

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unch With Dr. Frankenstein
Part One of a trilogy!

“My name’s Jim, but they call me Dr. Frankenstein.” He said. That’s how it started. You won’t believe how it ends!

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