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"HYPERION RISING" is the second book
in a three-book series named ARCHTYPE.
It picks up where "LUNCH WITH DR. FRANKENSTEIN" left off.

ARCHETYPE-the trilogy, explores many of the possible earth histories through a series of stories that weave science fiction, mythology, religion, science, and cosmology into a mosaic of life in the universe. For all our earth history, knowledge, and technological advancements, humankind is still in the dark, not knowing who we are or what we are!

After years of searching the skies, we still find ourselves alone in the cosmos. Are we alone? Scientists now tell us they will discover eextraterrestrial life within the next twenty four years! We are living in a time of great discovery as our spacecraft roam the surface of Mars and explore the outer planets of the solar system. What will they find out there?

On planet earth, archaeologists and geologists continue to uncover new anomalies that raise more questions than they answer. The Egyptian Pyramids, the ruins at Tiahuanaco, Gobekli Tepe, Manchu Picchu, and Stonehenge are only a few of the well-known and unexplainable anomalies offering undisputed evidence that "someone" was here before our current civilizations began.

Medical science is quickly unraveling the secrets of the genetic code found in our DNA. Recent news has surfaced that much of our DNA genes have been labeled as "junk DNA" because we simply don't know what some of our genes are programmed to do. This poses questions with respect to natural selection and a host of other scientific perspectives we use to frame our current reality.

Hopefully the readers will enjoy the suspense and drama as the stories unfold in a way that makes one stop and wonder: What does it all mean? Science has led us to the precipice of human understanding. We are fast reaching the edge of what a subjective being can comprehend regarding objective reality. With the advent of superstring theory, quantum physics, and the new archaeological discoveries, our experience of reality becomes more and more unreal. Is the universe simply a hologram? Is it merely one dimension of the multiverse? Is God real or were human beings "created" by another race of beings?

If so, who created them?

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